Jaakko Kuha

"My purpose is not to build a single unified monolith of works with clear building phases that could be written down to the pages of art history. There is a message in every one of my paintings. A message that defines the shape of the picture. I don't have, as an illustrator, a strictly built visual style, because visual style is an important tool for handling the message. Styles are like windows, and when you glance through them, messages might change or stay the same. Art surrounds us all the time. Artist just shapes it to a visible form.
Jaakko's designs in AAVA Helsinki:
1st of May
 In spring, the nature is still gray after a long winter, but around the 1st of May,
first glimpses of colour start to appear, foreboding summer. It is time to celebrate
the 1st of May. 
Touch represents the moment when two similarities meet each other.
The meeting takes place in a surrounding, which is zygomorphic to them
both. It turns out that the shared opposition emphasizes unity. 


A flock of birds is chasing a strom cloud. When I was working on this painting,
I tried to find out if the birds are chasing the cloud, or is the storm born from the
flying flock of birds. I still don't know the answer.
I think thath a burn-clearing must be a fascinating sight.
I have never seen one. 
I painted a picture of it so I could see.